“Familias unidas, buscando, conociendo mas a Dios. Familias en avivamiento. Una iglesia en un mismo sentir le da un culto de mayor.

Families that are united, seeking, knowing God more. United families in revival. A Church in one spirit which will give him  greater worship”

Our Beliefs

We believe in the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Three but at the same time one person. We believe that salvation comes only through believing and confessing Jesus as the only sufficient Saviour of our lives. We believe that Salvation cannot be lost. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, the spiritual gifts for the edification of His church. We believe that we were created to worship God, and that the world needs to know and worship Him too. Telling them about Chris Jesus with words, and our actions, making them disciples of God. 

Creemos en el Padre, Hijo, y Espíritu Santo son una misma persona. Creemos en la salvación solo es atravez de creer y confesar a Jesús como el único y suficiente Salvador de nuestras vidas. Creemos que la Salvación no se pierde. Creemos en el bautismo del Espíritu Santo, las manifestaciones del Espíritu Santo, y los dones para la edificación de su iglesia. Creemos que fuimos creados para adorar a Dios, y que el mundo necesita conocerle y adorarle también. Hablándoles de Cristo Jesús con palabras, hechos, y haciéndolos discípulos de Dios.

About La Familia de Jesús:

"We want to see families restored and united in the bondof love which is in Christ Jesus.”

We started our meetings in February 2002 in the house of one of the elders of the church. Slowly we began growing and seeing God's powerful hand. The same year we started we moved the church into a bus and lorry dealership, where we met in a granary. God was providing and we settled in nicely to our new home. 

In October 2003, God gave us the opportunity to move to a new house of worship in our current location, 14935 Lilja Rd. We've had 12 wonderful years walking with the Lord. We had a strong word given to us in Argentina in 2006 "... There will be economic, social and physical movement and after these things this little church will be lifted up. Not only for Houston but for the nations". This same year the Lord gave this word to our pastor: "... Azusa road was conditioned for a revival God bought there, can God bring a revival to Lillja Rd my brothers?! This revival is not only to be for one group, but for groups of people, entire families will be lifted up in this revival" .

We are believing for revival that is not a passing movement but permanent, for this we must constantly humble ourselves, seek holiness and the love of God.